About us

We are a company oriented to provide high technology services and specialized solutions for different industries in order to optimize their development and manufacturing processes with the standards and quality required, offering a team of certified and qualified professionals to achieve the best results in cost, time and quality.

Having the right infrastructure and team we guide you from the conception of the idea to its manufacture with the flexibility of generate a prototype piece to the capacity of generate high production volume.

Values and commitment

Our collaborators share and understand that our values: focus, discipline and patience are the key to achieve successful relationships in each area of ​​our life.

Our commitment is to provide smart and adequate solutions for our customers without forgeting the responsibility we have with our environment, we believe that a company success comes from the right balance between caring for the interests of their customers, collaborators and environment.


NGSSOL reaffirms it´s commitment to build a better society supporting different groups of young athletes and artists. We offer them opportunities to continue achieving their goals. NGSSOL is confident that we can contribute to help them reach them.

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Responsible company

Working with a sustainable focus has been a commitment of the company since conception, We believe that teamwork, ethics, morals, talent development and caring for the environment, are the necessary pillars to make our company grow with values, from the DNA of the business to the philosophy that each of our collaborates have, is linked to these values.